Also available: more sexts in the Sequel package, and even more (including videos!) in the Threequel package and the Fourquel package. Are you looking for below-the-waist shots? You're most likely to be satisfied by the new Fivequel package.

And newly available: The Sixquel, a five-minute video of me enjoying some 'private time'. Also only ten dollars!

Avery Edison presents "Sexts I've Sent"

20 explicit selfies and candids, for ten dollars.

(This header image is a preview. The actual files are not blurred.)

"Why are you selling naked photos, aren't you a comedian?" Um, I contain multitudes, you know? Yes, I'm funny; yes, I'm an amazing writer; but I'm also super hot, and if you want to see more of my body, that's awesome.

Pay $10 USD via. one of these PayPal buttons, and you'll get whisked to a download page where you can grab a .zip file containing twenty of the sexiest pictures I've sent to my romantic partners. (That's 14 boobs 'n' butt shots, 2 dick pics, and 4 kink-themed snaps. You can also download a version without the dick pics, in case you find those gross or triggering.)

If you have any problems with purchasing, downloading (example: a few people have not been whisked to the download page, which is weird and frustrating), or viewing the files, please email me at (Seriously, do not sweat sending me a message about this; sometimes people say they are embarrassed to say "hey, I didn't get the pictures!" and please know that I don't think any part of this is anything to be embarrassed about.)

Oh, and obviously don't buy these if you are under 18 or the sale and purchase of pornagraphic images and video over the internet is prohibited in your current residence, etc.